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Staten Island Pilates Studio Classes Women's Piloxing
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Staten Island Pilates

Pilates originated from Germany by Joseph Pilates and it has become one of the most popular methods of exercise. The aim of the method is to increase strength and felxibility while strengthing the "Powerhouse" (core muscles). Pilates is both a physical and mental exercise, because you must learn how to control your body also while being conscious of the muscles you are using while exercising.

There are various methods and modifcations of the Pilates method so it is perfect for beginners and those who are advanced. Advanced students can take their work out up a notch by incooperating "Pilates Toys"; into their work out. The toys commonly consist of: exercise balls, Pilates Rings, rollers, free weights, etc. Since the method is focused on building the "Powerhouse" and stretching, many athletes such as football players, jiu jitsu fighters and boxers practice the Pilates method. It has alos been medically proven that Pilates is excellent for indiviuals who suffer with lower back injuries, spinal injuries, etc.

Pilates is a non-impact exercise routine so it can be practiced everyday, and by those who suffer from an injury. It is excellent for toning and defining the abdominal muscles while increasing flexibility.

Pilates Classes in Staten Island

PILOXING is an inter-disciplinary routine that was created by the Viveca Jensen. The core values and objective of PILOXING is to empower women, while letting them develop a, "Powerful self-image that is Sleek, and Sexy. " -Viveca Jensen. PILOXING encompasses the art of Pilates-"Sleek", Dance-"Sexy" and Boxing-"Powerful". PILOXING incorporates the use of 1/2lb. weighted gloves in order to compliment Boxing and Pilates, and add the challenge to the cardiovascular system, core, and of course to sculpt your body to create that lean, sexy look women want. PILOXING is an upbeat, exciting new work out that has capturvated many Hollywood celebrities andinternational atheltes and stars, because of its uniquness and core centered focus. Since the routine is based upon interval training, you can burn 500-900 calories for the hour! Come on down and see what all the talk is about, and be one of the first to join the PILOXING craze!